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Team up your EGO Power+ tools with one of our Professional-X Backpack.Balancing exceptional run time with user comfort, EGO’s Lithium-ion BAX1500 backpack is ergonomically designed to keep you working all day long. The battery pack can be removed from the harness* allowing the battery to be shared amongst multiple users, each with their own harness for improved hygiene.To ensure optimum performance, efficiency and longevity, these high energy capacity batteries incorporate intelligent individual cell monitoring and balancing, both when it’s powering a tool and when it’s recharging.Designed to perform, built to lastDelivering the run times you demand, EGO Power+ backpack batteries can give you a full day's work** from a single charge. The high-quality cells, with high power rating and high energy density, can handle in excess of 1,000 charge cycles. Plus, with fast recharging, you can go from empty to full in just 3.5 hours. Flexible PerformanceThey’re compatible with all EGO Power+ tools, and as the battery is on the harness and not on the tool, the tools are even lighter and easier to use.*AFH1500 Frame Harness and ADB1000 adapter not included
Spannung56 V
Max. Kontinuierlicher Entladestrom64 A
Akku-Leistung28 Ah
Akku-Energie1.568 W
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